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The one thing I hate about having end stage CF is that I have to wear oxygen 24/7. First of all my nose is all ways blocked and I have to wear the nasal prongs which rub the back of my ears making them red.

Could you imagine having to move round the house with a lead trailing behind you while other people may step on the lead ripping it off your face.

One of the other things that is a pain is having to get dressed as It’s like a race you have to take the oxygen off and as quickly as possible so you can put your bra and top on then quickly hook it back on so I don’t lose to much puff. It may not seem like a big deal but having to do that everyday sucks!

If you ever have time maybe you should try tying a bit of string to one corner of the house then the other end you hold and see how long you can stand being on the other end of the string.
Good luck!

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