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Transplant – A Quick Recap.

10th October – I was writing stuff on a piece of paper to communicate also had my breathing tube taken out.

11th October- I stood up and walked on the spot.

12th October – My Grandad and Primary school teacher picked up the young persons hero award I won!

13th October- No more oxygen required!!!!!

15th October – I made the cover over my local newspaper.

16th October- All my chest drain were removed.

18th October- walked down the hall.

20th October – Moved out of ICU into the normal ward.

22nd October- went to the park for the first time.

26th October – saw my sister for the first time with new lungs.

29th October- First lung function after transplant 57%.

1st november – My best friend visited me.

3rd Novemeber – Went back to my local hospital to have ivs.

19th November – Came Home for good !!!!






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