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Transplant – The Journey

It was the 9th of October around 5;30 am. I woke up to my Dad standing at the end of my bed I was confused as to what he was doing in my room at this unearthly hour as I looked at the machine that had been keeping me alive this past year it hit me this was it we’d had the call I had been dreaming/dreading about this past year!

My bag was already pre-packed so all I could do was wait and think about the prospect of having new lungs by tomorrow. I hugged my little sister as tightly as humanly possible and told her I loved her. It could of been my last goodbye so I was trying to savour the moment.

The ambulance car arrived and we were rushed to Great Ormand Street Hospital. We arrived at 8:00 am were we wait to find out if the lungs were a perfect match or not. At 2:00 pm I was taken down to theatre I told my parents I loved them I didn’t want to let go but before I knew it I was whisked off to dreamland…. unaware of the miracle happening inside me!!!!!

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