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Transplant – Waking up.

I woke up to wires attached to me left right and center and a blue tube down my throat but for some reason I wasn’t scared. I was so thirsty I kept on trying to raise my hand to my mouth to say I wanted water. My Dad kept on lowing my hand back on to the bed I hated him at this very moment as he knew what I was trying to say but ignoring me simply because I could not have water for at least a couple of days. I only remember some bits about the first few days as I was asleep most of the time. My parents said the nurses had to sedate me a couple of times as I was trying to move and get up every time I caught sight of my Mum or Dad.

One thing I do remember was having the breathing tube taken out, It felt like all the gunk had gone from my lungs. I took my first deep breath with tears in my eyes I looked up to the sky and thanked my donor without them this would not of happened.

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